Wiltec17. júla 2021


The roots of Wiltec lie in professional paint shops, serving a variety of sectors such as the wood -and furniture industry as well as the automotive industry. Our specialization and product range has expanded over the years to provide better...
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Evotec-Swiss AG10. júla 2021

Evotec-Swiss AG

Evotec-Swiss is a share holding company established in 2008. The company is located in central Switzerland about one hour south of Zurich. Evotec-Swiss is part of the development and manufacturing company SA Gillet Group based at Nogent in...
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Finixa by Chemicar24. júna 2021

Finixa by Chemicar

Chemicar Europe NV designs and develops high-quality, non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional body shop, under the brand name Finixa. The company started up 35 years ago and evolved from a large distributor to a...
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Technické šití P. BADERTSCHER AG12. júna 2021

Technické šití P. BADERTSCHER AG

P. Badertscher AG je úspěšná společnost s více jak 100 zaměstnanci ve Švýcarsku a na Slovensku. Badertscher sídlí v Schönenbergu ve Švýcarsku a své výrobky vyrábí pro různá odvětví a mnoho aplikací.
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RPC Promens Industrial Belgium3. júna 2021

RPC Promens Industrial Belgium

Our manufacturing site in the habour of Gent, Belgium is one of the leading companies in the extrusion blow moulding industry who develops and produces plastic containers from 50ml up to 20L in HDPE or PP. Since more than 50 years we have...
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ECS Electronics29. januára 2021

ECS Electronics

ECS Electronics is an established international company specialised in development, manufacturing, validation and marketing of premium quality electronic connection systems for the automotive industry. Our product portfolio includes solutions for...
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Auto Access19. septembra 2019

Auto Access

AutoAccess is specialised in the distribution, design, development and installation of auto accessories, specific for the OES market. Professional approach and our extensive and exclusive range of products are the foundation of our cooperation...
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XENUM NV18. marca 2019


XENUM are top tier lubricants and ‘Techno-Chemicals’ for professionals. Our products are designed for cars, boats, motorbikes and heavy duty. Founded in 2005, we are growing fast in a very competitive market. Not easy, but… what separates us from...
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DEER BVBA2. januára 2019


DEER is a specialist of electrical parts like starters, alternators, components, batteries . We cover all applications like cars, trucks, bus, agriculture, industrial, marine ... On top we have added to our specialisation around steering parts ....
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Mosselman Turbo Systems2. januára 2019

Mosselman Turbo Systems

Mosselman Turbo Systems is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality performance parts designed specifically for use in BMW and Mini cars. If you own a BMW or a Mini, you can bet your bottom dollar we have the parts you need to make it go faster....
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